Keeping customers loyal is becoming increasingly challenging. Regularly switching brands or services to seek out the best price is now a natural part of consumer behaviour, so how can you stay competitive and encourage loyalty to your brand? Here are our top tips:

Top Tips For Keeping Customers Coming Back | Brand At Hand

1) Customer experience is key

It goes without saying, but value your customers – after all, you wouldn’t be running a business without them! Customers still want to buy from businesses they can trust and who they know will deliver good service. So, deliver on your promises, give them what they expect; and if you can’t then be honest about it. If things go wrong, as they may do occasionally, treat them with courtesy – even in challenging times. They’ll feel valued and you’ll be rewarded with their respect.

2) Be human

People buy from people, so being open and authentic is central to building a connection with your audience.

Show what makes your business unique, communicate in an appropriate tone for your audience – and don’t be afraid to express your personality.

3) Treat your best customers as your biggest asset

Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool, and personal recommendations shouldn’t be underestimated. If there are customers who will sing your praises, ask them to recommend you – for example via social media, online review websites, or you could ask for testimonials or produce case studies.

You might also want to reward these customers for their support, as the potential for their endorsements to spread (particularly online) is colossal – not only within their immediate circles, but also further afield as they are shared and discovered by others. The power of free marketing!

4) Show customers that you understand them

Technology has provided fantastic opportunities for businesses to really get to know their customers. Social media, reviews, call listening, surveys, competitor monitoring, and wider consumer trends all help to build a picture of your audience.

Knowing what customers are looking for and what’s important to them, what they think about your business and competitors, and what’s of interest to them outside of your brand allows you to anticipate their needs and give them what they want (or didn’t even know they wanted!).

5) Don’t use a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach in your marketing

Consumers have information and options at their fingertips. This means targeting everyone with the same messaging is quickly becoming irrelevant. The desire for tailored, personalised and relevant communications, products and customer service is steadily growing.

Greater opportunities to personalise have evolved with the rise of technology and social media. Simple steps that you could consider are segmenting your email lists (e.g. by target product/service, sector, age, location, or other demographic), or you could target social media posts to a particular audience, or focus a marketing campaign on existing / prospective customers. Don’t just personalise for the sake of it though – it has to be meaningful, with clear goals in order to resonate with the intended audience.

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