Buying behaviour has changed. Gone are the days when we would simply go to a local business, make our purchase and take it home. Today, we are constantly marketed to, told that we need the latest upgrade of the iPhone, or our shoes are so last season. In such a competitive and ‘noisy’ landscape, marketing is all about creating a desire, making the customer think ‘I need that it my life’.

Digital technology has well and truly given the customer the position of power. We might visit a shop to look at and feel the physical product, but more often than not we won’t purchase there and then. Either on our phones whilst in store or on-the-move, or later on at home we will do our research online. We’ll seek out the best prices, read the reviews and find the best deal.

This is why it’s so important that your business’ online presence is visible. Customers will be carrying out research throughout their purchasing journey, from initial browsing and assessing options, through to reading reviews, viewing a physical product in store, and finally making their decision. At each of these touch-points, your business has the potential to be discovered and influence their decision.

Display advertising, PPC (Pay-Per-Click), and social media ads etc. all have the power to raise awareness of your business whilst the customer is still in their initial discovery phase.

For consumers, reading reviews is the online equivalent of word-of-mouth recommendations and are hugely influential in decision-making. Whilst you can’t control what customers are saying about you, you can control how you react to them. Simply thanking customers for their review takes no time at all and shows that you value them. Responding to negative reviews (even if only to ask that you continue to discuss the issue privately) shows that you acknowledge all feedback and have a commitment to getting things right.

Promotions, whether through social media, email, text message or the targeted advertising mentioned above all have the power to influence the customer. Timely promotions which provide a compelling reason to choose you, such as a free gift or discount may help to tip the scales in your favour.

In summary, for the best possible chance of winning that sale, think about the customer journey in relation to your business and the different opportunities you have to influence that customer throughout.

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