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Content marketing is necessary throughout the customer journey to progress the sales process and build long-term relationships.

Content marketing involves producing and distributing content across different channels such as social media, blogs and third-party media.

Why Use Content Marketing Services?

Much of the customer decision-making process is done before the customer makes any direct contact with your business. This is why content is now so important and influential as a marketing tool.


Our Content Marketing Services

By understanding the types of content your target audience want, we can create and share relevant, interesting, high quality content that keeps your business top of mind and subtly influences them – without the ‘hard sell.’

Our content marketing services include:

Content Creation

Show the reader that you’re an expert in your industry through the quality of content that you publish.

Successful content is appealing, compelling and captures attention. It should also add value to the customer experience.

We offer a full copywriting and design service, which means that not only will your content sound great, but it will look the part too – positioning you as an expert in your industry and highlighting why potential customers should choose you.

Content Repurposing

To maximise the life of your content and keep things fresh and interesting, we can strategically plan how it can be re-purposed (transformed into a different format) for different platforms.

For example, an eBook might be broken down into a series of blog posts. This helps to further reinforce your message and appeal to different audiences.

Content Marketing Strategy

We’ll produce a bespoke strategy to promote your content, including:

  • Suggested content topics and formats.
  • How to make the most of your existing content.
  • The most appropriate distribution channels.
  • At which stage of the customer journey the content should be used.
  • Ideas on how to re-purpose the content (for use in different formats).
  • A content calendar template to plan your content throughout the year.

Inbound Content Marketing

Today’s time-poor consumers are tired of being sold to. Inbound marketing attracts inbound enquires, leads, and sales without the need for ‘cold’ approaches.

Great content should be shared in order to raise your profile and reach your target audience. We’ll create and distribute content online that is helpful, engaging and relevant. This could include blogging, social media and online PR, as well as ‘gated’ content on your website where you can capture potential customer details.

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Social Media Marketing allows you to promote your content to a wide audience in order to raise awareness, drive website visits and build engagement.


Why Choose Brand At Hand?


Throughout our content marketing projects, we constantly put ourselves in the intended audience’s shoes. By thinking like them, we can deliver appealing content that resonates with their needs.

We’ll use carefully crafted content to make an impact with your marketing messages. Encouraging customers to engage with your content can influence behaviours, such as driving enquiries, leads and sales. We can also use your content to boost your reputation and position your business as an expert in your industry.


Discover how our Content Marketing Services can help your business.

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